Real estate and investments

»No matter what investors are looking for – they’ll find it here.«

Hans Schaefer, Managing Director of INKOM Neuruppin Gesellschaft für kommunale Dienstleistungen mbH

At the locations of Neuruppin, Fehrbellin and Temnitz you find excellent developed industrial and commercial areas. Many highly productive and innovative companies that are happy to cooperate with investors are residing here. Industrial settlements are increasingly well promoted.

The industrial area "Industrie- und Gewerbegebiet Neuruppin Treskow"

The industrial and commercial areas in the Freiraum Ruppiner Land offer perfect conditions for your intentions. The marketable land is in fully developed industrial and commercial plots with planning permission and building leases for all industrial, commercial and mixed-usage areas. Properties between 1.500m2 and 20.000m2 are available, the purchase prices for

developed plots are between €15.00 to €35,00 per m2. The commercial areas located at the Fehrbelling, Neuruppin Süd and Neuruppin junctions are characterized by outstanding connections to the federal motorway (A24) Berlin - Hamburg (Berlin - Rostock). Find the appropriate property that suits your needs with our real estate search!

The commercial areas at a glance


Industrie- und Gewerbegebiet Neuruppin Treskow
Fläche 111,0 ha
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EPW Gewerbepark
Fläche 30,0 ha

Fläche 2,2 ha

Holländer Mühle
Fläche 4,0 ha

Gewerbe- und Industriegebiet Alt Ruppin
Fläche 24,0 ha



Gewerbegebiet Rheinsberg
Fläche 8,5 ha
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Amt Temnitz

Fläche 92,0 ha
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Gemeinde Fehrbellin

Ländchen Bellin
Fläche 84,5 ha
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Amt Lindow (Mark)

Gewerbepark Herzberg
Fläche 20,0 ha
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