Cooperation between municipalities

Achieving more together

The Neuruppin centre for regional growth works closely together with its neighbours. The area “Freiraum Ruppiner Land” sees itself as a region that belongs together.

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Cooperation in the Freiraum Ruppiner Land (Copyright complan Kommunalberatung GmbH, Potsdam)

Unlike other centres for regional growth, the Neuruppin CRG has not been combined with other locations, but has been declared a single location. Neuruppin already is an extremely significant business location in its own right and carries out important tasks for its surrounding areas. The municipalities that surround Neuruppin are characterized by specific qualities that, in turn, enhance the competencies of the CRG.

In the spring of 2009, an agreement was concluded about the “Regional cooperation in the Neuruppin CRG” by the municipal working group. Above all, the regional cooperation is there to serve its members with economic benefits, as the best value from synergies can only come about in an atmosphere of cooperation. The region can position itself with an even more effective and united front in the economic competition. 

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