Development strategy

The regional growth centre Neuruppin

Under the principle “strengthening strengths” the state government declared Neuruppin as one of the 15 regional growth centers in the Federal State of Brandenburg. The Neuruppin growth centre is the most significant location for commerce and industry in the north-west of the Berlin-Brandenburg capital city region.

View over Neuruppin, Picture: Peter Geisler

In 2006 the Neuruppin CRG drew up a plan that strategically sketched out the further development of the location up to the year 2020 – the “NeuruppinStrategie 2020” (the 2020 Strategy for Neuruppin). This plan assesses potential in the areas of industrial competence, reveals where action should be taken and defines strategic objectives.

At the same time, the NeuruppinStrategie illustrates that growth can only be achieved within a regional context. The Neuruppin CRG is firmly interwoven with its surrounding areas. Because of that a voluntary cooperation with the surrounding areas was resolved.


The defined Clusters for the Neuruppin CRG: