Different but still associated

Every part of the Freiraum Ruppiner Land has its own specialities and characteristics. We invite you to discover our beautiful countryside!

The town of Neuruppin is located 60 km northwest of Berlin and is the district town of the administrative district Ostprignitz Ruppin. The town is located at the longest lake of Brandenburg, the 14 km long Ruppiner See. To remember the poet Theodor Fontane, who was born here, Neuruppin also has the surname Fontanestadt. Besides the touristic attraction, Neuruppin is the principal business location of the region as well as one of the 15 declared regional growth centres in Brandenburg.

The town of Rheinsberg and the belonging districts Kleinzerlang and Flecken Zechlin are located in the middle of a large area of lakes, the Rheinsberger Seenkette, and officially recognized resorts. Rheinsberg is inseparably connected to Rheinsberg Palace and the Hohenzollern dynasty. Frederick the Great spent his teenage years here. Rheinsberg gained fame when it was mentioned by Fontane in his novella “Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg”.

The municipality of Fehrbellin is located 12 km southern of Neuruppin. The eponymous city is situated on the northern edge of the “Ländchen Bellin”, a small ridge of hills, that Theodor Fontane once travelled through. To the north of Fehrbellin you will find the fascinating marshland “Rhinluch”, through which the river Rhin runs. The countryside was formed in the ice age. The nearby pond area is the largest resting place in Europe for cranes which attracts many nature lovers and hikers who come here every year to watch that unique spectacle.

The administrative body of Lindow (Mark) is located in the middle of the natural preserve “Stechlin-Ruppiner Land” and is surrounded by three lakes. The little town has a rich history, which is clearly recognizable here. You can find a ruin of an old monastery and a beautiful baroque church. The idyllic region is mainly touristically influenced and provides miscellaneous activities. Visitors can go hiking, fishing and swimming or go on an excursion by boat or bike.

The administrative body of Temnitz is located 15 km northwest of Neuruppin. Southward from the district Katerbow you can find the lake “Katerbower See”, which is connected do the lake area “Mecklenburger Seenplatte”. The landscape is a paradise for hikers and cyclists. The chuch “Temnitzkirche” in the village Netzeband is a centre of art and culture. The industrial park “Temnitzpark” is an attractive location to establish your company.

The "Freiraum Ruppiner Land"